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I am nominating my beautiful Niece, Laurie Morton. Her son Jack Morton was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer, March 8th 2010 at under 3 years old. This devistated our family and we were all so afraid to even breath. Laurie also gave birth to her 2nd son Braden just 2 weeks prior to this diagnosis and Braden was born with 2 holes in his heart. Laurie and her husband Zac found this out at the same time they found out their oldest son had cancer. Can you imagine being a parent and both your children are fighting for their lives? They held on to hope and faith for Braden getting better and growing out of this condition and had to focus all their energy, and entire life to Jack's cancer. There was no information for families on this Neuroblastoma cancer, nowhere to go, and they felt all alone in this battle as all the parents of these diagnosed children always are, but reached out to other families at Phoenix Children's Hospital where Jack was being treated. Laurie never ONCE got angry, never ONCE showed the extreme fear, anxiety, rage and anger she really was feeling inside, she managed to stay positive at all times, never allowing any of us to feel negative, it wasn't an option. She never blamed God when it was easy to do, she just gathered strength that we don't know how she managed to get, to go through his treatment, testing, caring for his medication's, tubes, his port he had, his pain and sadness and not being able to just be a little boy out playing, without skipping a beat. even while afraid and not sleeping for weeks, there still was NO OTHER option but his cure, NONE. When we would worry and question, she would shut us down and say that is not an option and he is going to beat this cancer. Laurie made friends and so did Jack at PCH and they had to see other children not making it and passing away from this cancer. Laurie has vowed to do anything and everything to raise awareness for Neuroblastoma so we can get funding and research for this awful beast. She has done amazing things with this foundation, the money goes to other families struggling with money needed for this treatment and so many other positive things for families and children suffering from Neuroblastoma. Laurie is my hero along with Jack, they are an amazing family and she goes nonstop daily caring for her boys and sharing their battle raising awareness. If anyone deserves to be nominated it is Laurie, she is truely amazing. Jack is cancer free and the battle does not end, it is still an uphill battle and we are all determined he will be cured and the world will soon know all about Neuroblastoma and soon research and funding will go directly to that fight and our children and their families will no longer suffer and Neuroblastoma will not win.


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