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Maya Thompson is one of the most amazing moms I have come across on the world wide web. I dont know her personally but she touches my heart everyday with her words and inspires me to always do great things and not fuss about the little things in life. She lost her little boy Ronan on May 9, 2011 to Neuroblastoma. She has started a foundation called The Ronan Thompson Foundation to raise money to fight this disease any way she can in order to help other families going through what her family went through with her little angel. She writes to her son Ronan everyday and inspires the lives of many through her words. Maya Thompson should win because she is making a difference and she will never stop fighting childhood cancer so that other families can find some relief that was hard for her family to find during the terrible times when Ronan was fighting for his life. Maya and Ronan are both Rockstars!!


  • A true rockstar in her own right, Maya Thompson is an inspiration to those of us who get the pleasure of reading her daily blog. Written with love from a mother to the son that was unfairly taken away from her it is pure, raw, emotion at it’s best. I am thankful for the chance to help this momma who has already done more than she will ever know. Ronan is so proud of you, the brightest star in the sky indeed. Neuroblastoma picked the wrong Rockstar, and definitely messed with the wrong Mom! She is already doing amazing things and this would give her the chance through the Ronan Thompson Foundation to help others. She deserves this and so, so much more.

    meshelle commented on Aug 18 11 at 5:51 pm Reply
  • I too don’t know Maya personally but have been reading her daily tweets which have touched my heart in a big way.
    Maya is truly an amazing woman and words fail to me think what her family have been through but the strength she has to fight for little Ronan is inspirational.
    I’m from the UK and wanted to do something to help fight against Cancer, so just through Maya’s words I was inspired to run the Race 4 Life here and proudly done so with Rockstar Ronan’s name on my back xx
    Maya you are truly a brave and incredible woman xx

    Katie Rose commented on Aug 19 11 at 9:16 am Reply
  • just read your blog- i hope you win!!! <3

    sarah bregel commented on Aug 19 11 at 5:00 pm Reply
  • Maya is the definition of a supermom!! she has been a true inspiration too so many by sharing the life and unfortunate passing of her precious little boy Ronan. She documented every step of their journey from diagnosis and still through today thru her blog. She was open, honest and raw with her emotion and her commitment to her family and to making sure she reaches the world in the fight against childhood cancer. After loosing Ronan to neuroblastoma this past mothers day, she still had two other sons and a husband to be strong for while mourning the loss of a child. In reading Maya’s blog I have been so inspired to be grateful for each day of life I have on this earth and to never take for granted any moment I have to be a mother to my children. There have been times while reading Maya’s blogs that I became so weak that I have fallen to my knees and cryed so uncontrolably….I literally felt as if I was feeling her pain thru her words. She has been so selfless is sharing her story and her little incredible boys life with all of the world….to anyone who will listen! Maya, and many others, myself included, are on a mission to not just raise awareness to childhood cancer but to FIND A CURE and she has dedicated her entire existance to making sure she lives the rest of her life doing so as well as making sure she reaches the world for Ronan-The brightest star in the sky!!!! I am eternally grateful for the lessons, love, pain, tears and laughter she has blessed my life with thu her blog and winning this award means she is one step closer to raising awareness and finding a cure so that no other child has to go thru what Ronan went thru and no other family has to loose there child to this disgusting disease! Maya Thompson, on behalf of so many, we love you and are blessed to be able to share your story, thank you for letting us in!! xo TeamRonan

    Maria commented on Aug 20 11 at 4:17 pm Reply
  • I followed Maya’s facebook and blog and she is one amazing mom. I felt her ambition to conquer and her pain as she clung to what was to be. She eloquently filled the pages with her fear, her anger and her pain and left us all crying with her. She never gave up hope and still kept her other two sons on the front line of all they had going too. She is one amazing person who is in my mind the bravest mommy I know. Maya, you rock!

    Vicki commented on Aug 20 11 at 8:48 pm Reply
  • Everything Meshelle & Katie wrote is absolutely how I feel about Maya Thompson and her incredible fight & journey she is on. I will NEVER, EVER forget about Ronan … Rockstar Ronan – such a beautiful little boy. I’ve never met either one, but follow their story through Maya’s brave words. She truly is an incredible woman, and a very worthy Mom just trying to make a difference in this world so that no other parent has to go through what they have been through and no other child has to suffer with cancer. I am so inspired by her and will continue to follow her blog as she helps to fight this awful disease. Bless You Maya – you and your family are in my heart and prayers.

    Joan Corey-Payne commented on Aug 21 11 at 4:59 pm Reply
  • You are uncensored and inspirational. You touch people because you aren’t trying to be poetic, or weave a pretty picture out of something shitty. Maya, what makes you special is that those of us that read your words FEEL your emotions as if it were happening to us. We get to walk away from our computers and hug our babies…we become better people thanks to what you share. I know that can’t be much consolation for the gaping hole in your heart; but maybe it makes you feel less alone.

    Brittany Brockman commented on Aug 21 11 at 5:52 pm Reply
  • She is an amazing mom. God bless her and her family. You have my vote always

    Arlene Kimbell commented on Aug 21 11 at 6:28 pm Reply
  • I followed this story through Fore!! Axel & Hudson that took this tragedy very personally and read Maya’s blog, where she bravely documented her son’s fight with the deadly disease. I can’t fight the tears back when I read this story. No mother should bury her child, ever! She is a true inspiration and an example of an incredible strength. She is a true rock star!

    Julia commented on Aug 21 11 at 10:58 pm Reply
  • Maya Thompson is an inspiring mama to me! She lost the most beautiful child ever to neuroblastoma cancer 3 months ago. She has started a foundation in her son’s name to help other less fortunate families who are going through the same hell on earth experience that she just went through. I know she will do wonderful things with the money donated to Ronan’s foundation if she wins this contest! She is just getting off the ground with this whole thing since he passed not too long ago and I’m sure she could use a great start to get the foundation up and running! Her blog is so sincere, real, informative, and most importantly it keeps her son’s memory and alive. With all the heartache she has suffered through this past year, this would be one win that I know would put a smile on her lovely face :) And, again, I know she will do many wonderful things through Ronan’s foundation!

    Jaime H. commented on Aug 21 11 at 11:50 pm Reply
  • Please vote for Maya….this blog has been so life changing for me. Her words are so inspiring and I know she will do great things with her charity in honor of Ronan. Our family has truly been touched!

    Sara Maurer commented on Aug 22 11 at 1:18 am Reply
  • Amazing and incredible!! Stories like this can’t help but bring a tear to my eyes. I love women and mothers like this. Rockstar!!

    Liz Crews commented on Aug 22 11 at 5:43 am Reply
  • You are an inspiration to all moms! God Bless You!

    Jennifer Mechlem commented on Aug 22 11 at 6:52 pm Reply
  • Every day this mom pours her heart and soul out to the world while inspiring all who read to appreciate and love every single moment. A mom with strength that words cannot describe. A life changing experience reading her experiences.

    Nicole S commented on Aug 23 11 at 4:39 am Reply
  • Go momma Maya!

    To the moon and back Sweet Ronan!

    FU Cancer!!!!

    Francina Grant commented on Aug 23 11 at 5:19 am Reply
  • There are no words for the inspiration that comes through this woman and her writing. I have 2.5 year old twin girls and it took me years to conceive my beautiful babies. Once you have them it’s easy to forget the precious gift of life. Maya reminds me each and every day to never take them for granted. Thank you Maya, a true warrior mother for what she is going through. She is the most amazing, beautiful mother and wife – every single day she inspires others to be better wives and mothers. Thank you so much Maya. This woman is going to move mountains and then some!

    Natalie commented on Aug 23 11 at 5:28 am Reply
  • Maya is simply amazing, she is inspiring and has such amazing strength.

    Leauna commented on Aug 23 11 at 7:27 am Reply
  • What an amazing momma! Thank ou Maya for such an amazing story!

    Erin Najera commented on Aug 23 11 at 4:05 pm Reply
  • Go Maya!! Please vote for her..this woman deserves this and so does her family!! Thank you for being such a beautiful mother!! FU CANCER..CANCER SUCKS!! ROCKSTAR RONAN~

    Kym commented on Aug 23 11 at 4:12 pm Reply
  • Anyone who can go through what she has and then turn around and turn it into an inspiration is amazing in my eyes. We should all be so courageous and strong.

    Maggie commented on Aug 23 11 at 5:38 pm Reply
  • Inspirational mama to say the least! Her blog is real and raw. You can feel the love between a mother and her baby.

    Rockstar Ro captured my heart with his piercing blue eyes.
    FU Cancer!!!
    Peace & Strength!

    Glenda commented on Aug 23 11 at 5:49 pm Reply
    Thank you Maya! You and Ronan have made a huge impact on my life!

    Liz commented on Aug 23 11 at 6:35 pm Reply
  • The Thompson family has captured my heart and not a day goes by that I don’t think about Rockstar Ronan.

    Katie Isaac commented on Aug 23 11 at 9:39 pm Reply
  • Maya changed the way i look at life. She changed the way i live. She changed my relationship with my kids and other adults. She changed me in to a person who is even more positive and giving. She changed how i took the word ‘mom’ so for granted to one that is privileged and a gift. She changed and still changing me , from the time i wake up to until i kiss my kids good night at bed time. Thank You Maya. YOU have become a part of my thoughts, prayers and life. In a very silent and strong way. God Bless.

    Suba Dhinakar, Gilbert,AZ commented on Aug 24 11 at 5:04 am Reply
  • Maya is truly amazing. She has been through a tremendous trajedy and yet inspires us all through her raw emotions! She will take the money from this momination and put it to wonderful use! Maya has inspired an entire country with over 1million hits on her blog and continues to push through each and every day for the loving memory of her beautiful son! Best of luck to you Maya…..I hope you win for Ronan!!!

    Stephanie Bullock commented on Aug 24 11 at 10:57 pm Reply
  • P.S F-U Cancer

    Stephanie Bullock commented on Aug 24 11 at 10:58 pm Reply
  • You deserve nothing less than number 1 cause that’s what you are

    Sandra Whitmire commented on Aug 25 11 at 3:31 am Reply
  • Reading this blog has literally changed my life. Words cannot give adequate praise to Maya for her courage in sharing such a personal experience. This strong amazing mother deserves recognition and support in her incredible tribute to her beautiful Ronan.

    Heather commented on Aug 25 11 at 7:39 am Reply
  • I have become a better person because of Maya. I think even more now about how I can help to make a positive difference in the world. She is an inspiration indeed!!

    Rose B. Koussa commented on Aug 25 11 at 9:27 am Reply
  • Maya for the win!!!

    M-OH commented on Aug 27 11 at 8:53 pm Reply

    Bonnie R commented on Aug 28 11 at 11:34 am Reply
  • You are remarkable…

    Khristen Vanderwey commented on Aug 28 11 at 10:28 pm Reply
  • I stumbled across Maya’s website, and I too lost a child many years ago, but I won’t say I know what she’s feeling because everyone is different. I do know that she’s confused because so am I. I also know that one day we will be with our children again. The song that keeps playing in my head is Eric Clapton’s tune to his child that past.. Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven… Chin up my friend we have other children to love too. Be strong. Do not deprive them of your strength. You’ll always have my vote.

    Xmasdolly commented on Aug 29 11 at 5:26 am Reply
  • Maya is an incredible woman living through unimaginable circumstances. She shares her story so eloquently and honestly. Her “mafia” is keeping Ronan’s spirit alive! We love you Maya!!!!

    Christine commented on Aug 29 11 at 3:19 pm Reply
  • I admire all of the mom’s nominated and I am sure they are Fantastic Mom’s but most of the mom’s nominated do not know whats it’s like to love and lose their precious babies they still get to wake with them, play with them and kiss them goodnight. Maya Thompson no longer gets to do all of those things with her son Ronan she gave everything she had into being his Mother and cancer took him from her even though she fought with a Mothers strength but even in her grief she has remained a Mom some of us could only aspire to be. She deserves this nomination and she deserves to win not only because she has a spine of steal but because she will fight for ALL children and more importantly she will help kick childhood cancers ass in honor of her beautiful son Ronan. Maya Thompson is a true testament of strength and bravery she promised to fight for ronan and she did and she will never stop. Congrats on the Nomination and darn it They better announce you as the winner because we all know you are…. To all the other mom’s nominated you are all awesome woman and Mom’s please step up and help spread the word on childhood Cancer

    Jennifer Benedict commented on Aug 31 11 at 3:42 pm Reply
  • Maya’s blog is an example of the purest and truest love between a mother and her child. She is a beautiful mom to her boys even through her pain and her daily hell without her baby Ronan. I know 100% that Maya will accomplish what she has set out to do in Ronan’s name. I believe she will make it her life’s work to fight for kids like Ronan, who do not deserve to get sick, and should never have been taken from his family. God Bless the Thompson Family and all families out there who are facing this monster. Please raise awareness for childhood cancer. Our kids need us to be their voice!

    Chris V. commented on Sep 02 11 at 10:53 pm Reply
  • It takes bravery to do what you’re trying to accomplish. What does one say to a mother who just lost her baby? no words of comfort can make you feel any better. So I suppose what I can do is this. I promise to help raise awareness not just for your boy, but for the generations to come. He’s happy and free of pain, at least take comfort knowing that.

    Take care

    Habiba commented on Sep 03 11 at 9:51 pm Reply
  • Ive been readin mayas blog for some time now and she is a true insperation of a woman. Shes brutally honest with her emotions so raw so real u almost feel like uve known her ur whole life, to go thru what shes been thru with Ronan and to put on a brave face to keep pushin forward even thru the hard times,she definitly is a woman of true beauty! Thru her blog ots made people realize that life can sometimes be so sugar coated and that people live so blindly! Shes made so many mothers hold there children dear, realize that life can be so beautiful one min and destroyed in an instant! Maya u are one of a kind, i hope with Ronans guidance u do big things to make the world more aware of childrens cancer! TEAM MAYA all the way! ;)

    Angie commented on Sep 05 11 at 6:39 pm Reply
  • maya is close friends with friends of mine ronan’s rockstars totally rocked our local relay for life here…as a cancer survivor i personally wish i had someone to write those blogs to me but as a young single mother i was almost all alone but my rock was my grandmother she was my maya….maya is brave strong and she tells you like it is!!!! maya you have my vote and hopefully the vote of everyone you deserve this maya keep your head up!!!!!!!!!!!

    micah commented on Sep 09 11 at 5:40 am Reply
  • Maya.Ive been reading you blog since the beginng.Iam glad you are inspiring so many people.Hope your life gets better soon.

    Kay Beliel commented on Sep 09 11 at 1:06 pm Reply
  • God Bless you!

    Pilar commented on Sep 09 11 at 2:15 pm Reply
  • Maya, you are an inspiration to me every single day.

    Jonie Markle commented on Sep 09 11 at 3:32 pm Reply
  • Maya you are an inspiration to soo many! This woman through her journey has inspired so many of us to take a deeper look at life as well as our children. To take everyday as a gift that should not be taken for granted yet cherished as if it may be our last. Everyday I wake up to read Maya’s thoughts, pain, feelings and HOPE! She inspires me to be a better mother, a better friend, a better woman but more importantly, to be a voice! A voice for children all over the world fighting the good fight, fighting to be healthy, fighting to LIVE. This is no way a child should live and she has created a mafia of people to help support her in this fight for a cure! Everyday I make a point to make somebody aware of Ronan’s Story, his fight, his courage and his big gorgeous blue eyes! This momma is changing the hearts of people all over the world and in doing so she’s changing the world one heart at a time! So Maya, win or no win, you are my hero and I am now a follower and supporter of your journey and your fight for a cure!! Thank you for being the mother, the woman and the fighter you are!!

    Taura Amor commented on Sep 09 11 at 4:38 pm Reply
  • Maya has one of the biggest hearts of anyoneI know. She’s a firecracker too! It’s needed in this fight. Our support is unending in helping her to bring cancer down.

    Rose commented on Sep 09 11 at 4:44 pm Reply
  • Maya, God Bless you on your quest! Your story was so moving and has reminds us of the importance of just how precious life is, ESP. For our children. We’ve had two close family friends lose a child to a childhood cancer.and we are praying for our friends little guy Super Nate to be cured! Hugs to you Maya! And good luck!

    Colleen and Larry Riley commented on Sep 10 11 at 1:23 pm Reply
  • You, Ronan and your whole family have touched my heart and that of so many others. Thank you for sharing your experience and bringing more awareness to this horrible disease. May your little Ronan be an inspiration to finding a cure.

    Veg-in-Training commented on Sep 10 11 at 6:12 pm Reply

    linda carderia commented on Sep 10 11 at 11:41 pm Reply
  • An amazing blend of love, courage and compassion.

    Most Rev. Nicholas A. LaMonica, OSM commented on Sep 12 11 at 4:24 am Reply
  • Amazing momma!!!! Thank you for your experience, love , and compassion to others!!

    Michele Murphy commented on Sep 12 11 at 6:49 am Reply
  • Thank you for all you are doing to help others.

    Candice Kent commented on Sep 12 11 at 3:50 pm Reply
  • My good friend Nicole Engelbretson told me about this amazing family. I was so sad to hear the updates because they weren’t getting better. I could not imagine being in this situation but I do truly admire Maya for her strength. Her little boy meant the world to her and she cherished every moment she had the privilege of having with. I am proud to know an tried and true truly amazing mother Maya Thompson! God blessed her!

    lori mcdonald commented on Sep 13 11 at 4:26 am Reply
  • I do not know Maya personally but have followed her story of her precious baby boy Ronan. I too have lost my precious baby boy Ronan at four Years old to an Ecoli outbrake. To lose a child is unbearable and crushing. Maya, you are an inspiration to me and many others and I admire your strength to fight for your son Ronans cause. I too am fighting at a state level to change laws and protocols for food born illnesses. Stay strong and we can make a difference.

    Bonnie wilson commented on Sep 13 11 at 4:47 pm Reply
  • Words cannot express the admiration I have for you Maya! My son was born in March with a very rare genetic disorder that will eventually be terminal. Everyone comments about how strong I am to deal with the things we do with him and then I read someone’s story like yours and am not worthy of any praise compared to what you have endured. I pray you continue to have the strength you do for your boys and can only hope to be as strong of a mother as you. May God bless you and your family always. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

    Tiffany Snow commented on Sep 13 11 at 9:02 pm Reply
  • WOW!!! Thanks for sharing your story. I am ready to fight childhood cancer!!!

    Juliette Surratt commented on Sep 17 11 at 2:38 am Reply
  • I hope you win. you are truly an inspiration. “Come to me,all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

    tracy commented on Sep 19 11 at 3:13 am Reply
  • Dear Maya;

    As a healer I think that cancer cells are also a form of geometrics and they can be replaced with the insistent thought of the correct geometric shapes of the healty cells replacing the cancered ones where the cell has stemned.Please work on geometrics and if u are interested I’ll share my views via e-mail further.

    I’ll help by any means we are with you.

    Saygın Şahin commented on Sep 19 11 at 6:37 am Reply
  • This is one amazing Mommy!! <3

    Valerie commented on Sep 20 11 at 1:08 am Reply
  • Only a truly strong, unselfish, and courageous mom could share a story such as Maya did so that we could all get to know Rockstar Ronan. Maya is the change we wish to see in the world!

    Shelli and Gibson commented on Sep 20 11 at 3:34 am Reply
  • Maya Thompson
    has touch many lives
    blessing upon her

    Aubrianne commented on Sep 20 11 at 11:35 pm Reply
  • Love keeping up with Ronan’s story & Blog… had unmeasureable hope for this baby boy. I simply can NOT believe that with all of the BriLLant people in this world that we can not get any closer to finding a cure. I HATE CANCER!!!

    Sandy Belcher commented on Sep 21 11 at 2:29 am Reply
  • I am so incredibly impressed with the strength, will, and courage Maya and Ronan maintained through such a frightening ordeal. I am even more awestruck with the unshakeable mental, spiritual, and emotional fortitude Maya continues to display. I now feel ashamed that I still get a lump in my throat every time the memory of my baby sister’s funeral creeps into my mind. However, I am also greatly inspired by her story and selfless dedication to helping other families facing the abhorrent disease she and her son so valiantly fought against. I believe Maya deserves quite the raucous applause for all she has done and continues to do. God bless you and all that you do Maya.

    jon Shearer commented on Sep 21 11 at 7:22 am Reply
  • God bless you!!!!

    Thank you!

    Claudia Matques Macedo commented on Sep 21 11 at 1:31 pm Reply
  • How do we vote?

    Natalie commented on Sep 21 11 at 3:01 pm Reply
  • I watched the news last night as they were discussing the successes of curing cancer – adult cancer. The news article brushed over pediatric cancer. I challenge everyone in Maya’s Mafia to get busy to get the word out to everyone about the cancers our children face. Especially Neuroblastoma, so devastating because of how it takes hold before being discovered. Here’s hoping that your email to Melinda Gates brings you a voice and contacts to help reach your goal in getting this F****** Cancer the attention it deserves.

    Lynn (Jen's mom) commented on Sep 22 11 at 3:12 am Reply
  • I believe she deserves a win… ((: Prayers are with you and your family ((: Goodluck (:

    Andrea Cruz commented on Sep 30 11 at 4:59 pm Reply

    Shantell commented on Sep 30 11 at 5:02 pm Reply
  • I have no words, I follow her blog daily, I have passed the word, the story to anyone who will listen. Maya is an inspiration daily for me! F***k CANCER!

    Kristi Smart commented on Oct 18 11 at 9:59 pm Reply

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