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Sarah's first son, Holden, was stillborn on August 28, 2010 and she has since allowed God to give her beauty for ashes by building Holden a legacy in this world. Sarah, her husband Chet, and friends have created Holden Uganda in Holden's memory and build clean water wells in Uganda, Africa. Each well is dedicated to a child who has gone to Heaven before their parents. Hope is given to grieving parents and life is given to people Uganda through this organization. Sarah's faith and strength and the legacy of life and love that has been built for Holden is life changing and inspiring.


  • Sarah is the most amazing mother, friend, wife, sister, etc I have ever met. Most of us would want to curl up in a corner if we had experienced what Sarah did. But instead she praised God and moved forward to save thousands of others by providing them with clean water. Sarah is beyond amazing and I hope you take time to read her story and what she is doing to help others.

    Kara Smith commented on Aug 31 11 at 5:47 pm Reply
  • Sarah is incredible. Her strength is mind boggling. We have had 2 early miscarriages. Those were devestating enough. The strength her and her husband have shown after losing sweet Holden is so intense I tear up every time I think of them. Sarah is such a strong Mom to come through that and find the heart to establish such a wonderful charity that is helping thousands upon thousands of Ugandans access clean and pure drinking water. Please go to her website and take a look at the good this woman is doing in this world. She is so loved and appreciated and let’s show her that :)

    Karen Gornall commented on Aug 31 11 at 10:55 pm Reply
  • Wow! I can’t say enough about Sarah & Chet! Very few people ever get a chance to make a real difference in the world, but they have done just that! At a time when most people would have withdrawn and just been angry, they rose above and trusted God. The result is amazing and outstanding! Real people are alive and thriving and it is all because of a beautiful little baby, and parents that chose to honor him by helping those with very little hope. God bless you guys. We love you so much!

    Jim Shuffield commented on Sep 01 11 at 12:42 am Reply
  • Sarah and I became friends when we were pregnant together. Our due dates were just about two weeks apart, give or take a few days. She and I would email each other about being pregnant, our excitement, joy, and everything else that comes with having your first baby. So when I found out she had a stillborn baby boy, just two weeks before I was to go into labor, it was pretty devastating. I have followed her story from the beginning, and she IS amazing. Like Kara said, I would have wanted to crawl into a corner, had I experienced what she did. She had no clue there was anything wrong at all until she went into labor. Her story is inspiring in so many ways. To begin with, the day he was born, as a way to let everyone know, she wrote him a letter, and posted it on Facebook for us to know. How many of us would have the strength to do that? It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read in my life. And when I am down as a mother now, or discouraged because my little boy’s crying and I can’t get him to stop, or I’ve had a hard mommie day, I just read her blog, seriously. :) It lifts my spirits because even when she is down, she has something encouraging to say because she leans on the One who’s encouraging – Jesus. And, just shortly after her son’s stillbirth, within a few months, she and her husband started Holden Uganda – their mission was to build nine wells by his next birthday for children to have clean water in Uganda. The Lord has blessed it one hundred fold, because they have well over nine wells now – I think they had like nine wells built by the next month! Anyway, all that to say, Sarah and Chet have definitely used a terrible situation for God’s glory. Holden Uganda is still going strong, and many good things are coming out of it. Check out their story. You will be touched.

    Amber Englert commented on Sep 01 11 at 2:32 am Reply
  • Our third child & first son, Evan Ryan, was born too soon to this earth… 14 weeks early on Oct 15, 2009. But he fought hard, so hard that after 135 days in the nicu, he came home to join mom, dad & his 2 big (very proud) sisters. After spending 3 glorious weeks as a family of 5, Evan caught pneumonia which progressed rapidly into a blood infection. After fighting his final battle for 48 hours, Evan got his wings on March 23, 2010 at just 5 months old. He is never far from our thoughts, never far from our hearts. It’s a pain that will never go away, but joy, love, giving & hope WILL rise from the pain. He is our strength. Only God can cover us with mercy and comfort.

    Seana Streich Taylor commented on Sep 01 11 at 6:27 am Reply
  • Sarah is an amazing person and mother! She is a kind and giving woman! And her love for the lord is an inspiration to us all!!

    Robyn Schwertner commented on Sep 01 11 at 1:28 pm Reply
  • she is an amazing person and mother

    angela commented on Sep 01 11 at 3:10 pm Reply
  • Sarah is the most Amazing, Courageous, Persevering, Proud mother I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her soul radiates Jesus. And because of her faithfulness to God and his plans for her, Chet and Sweet Holden, Thousands of parents will not have to feel the indescribable pain of losing a child due to unclean water. Erwin family, we love you all dearly.

    Carla Sauer commented on Sep 01 11 at 5:10 pm Reply
  • Your atitude is marvelous!!God bless you for what you’re doing1If you need a helping hand, please count on me!
    If all the world’s population were worried about their brothers and sisters and we able to help them, our planet would be a better place!

    Adriana Noleto commented on Sep 03 11 at 3:11 pm Reply
  • I would encourage U to read up on Holden Uganda. In my life personally, I have lost a child. My first born Son…who would have been 13 November 13th. He was gone to soon. I had honestly thought I had mourned the loss til we were fortunate enough in our Church home to be a Host Family to Children of the World. I had Never had a full table with the loss of my son and then the mutliple pregnancies in which I was blessed with one each time & not twins….Justin, Jordan & Blake, …whom I had named from day one….walk the streets of Gold. Anywhoo…I am someone who purchased cases of Water due to the Hot days here in Texas like nothing having several at a time in the garage for my Husband who works outside daily. Upon the visit of the children….A child visiting from Uganda made the following statement. “Wow, Auntie, The is No Lack of thirst in this Home, the Lord has be gracious.” A Child…a child said this….Upon their stay in which we had a most wonderful time yet knew not much in detail where they came from til their life story was shared in Church, was when I learn of what is going on in Uganda and the need for clean water. The Lord had opened my heart and allowed a child to come to my home to help me see a need outside of my little world. Thus when learning of Sarah…and her reaching out to me when I was finally mourning was like God the Father saying….it is okay…cry…not because u have been blessed with children…but yes you had a loss…its real and it has happened….Go ahead and cry. Upon learing of Sarah & Chet & Holden Uganda, I could not help but finally truly understand Missions. Missions that makes an Impact. In Honor of a Child…Sarah & Chet are doing what many like myself would have never had the strength to do for we filled our lives with Life yet they….they allowed their Life to be filled with Love & pay it forward for the children of Uganda in need of Water. Water….what we have time after time have taken for granted. They not only help adults heal…the are making the kind of Impact that will give a Child a chance to become an Adult. For this….and so much more I ask U to Pray & Support…and recognize Sarah Erwin…& Give Holden Uganda a stepping stone to continue to Change a generation & generations to come.
    Mary Ann Leal
    Mother of 7 blessed to raise 4 of them this day.

    Mary Ann Leal commented on Sep 03 11 at 4:14 pm Reply
  • Sarah’s such an inspiration…

    LEEANN commented on Sep 04 11 at 9:23 pm Reply
  • Sarah is so deserving of this honor. She spends countless hours working on the Holden Uganda Foundation in order to provide clean water to those who otherwise would not have that luxury. She not only provides clean water to the children (and their families) she loves them. Her face lights up when she speaks of new wells being built, and how many more people she can help. She along with her husband have turned their home into a space for storage, T-shirt sales, etc so that funds can be raised to build more wells. Sarah also works a full time job, helps with church functions, and works with local youth. She has her hands full and never complains. She is truly one of a kind. Sarah never asks for recognition for herself only for people to remember the legacy of her precious son Holden, and to help save the lives of the beautiful children of Uganda.

    Darci Robertson commented on Sep 05 11 at 11:46 pm Reply
  • what a great woman!

    Ada commented on Sep 08 11 at 6:46 pm Reply

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